10 Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Engagement Ring

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Have you reached that point in your life where you look into your partner’s eyes knowing that they are the one, the one that will be your partner in crime for life? If this is sounding familiar, then chances are you have a ring on your mind… a diamond one in fact. An engagement ring is one of the most significant and sentimental purchases you will make, so before taking the leap to find the perfect ring it is firstly important to invest into some preparation time…




To make the journey as smooth as possible here are Larsen Jewellery’s top 10 things to consider before making that very important purchase!

  1. Planning a surprise proposal? If you are planning to surprise your partner with an engagement ring, you will either know exactly what she is after or it is time to get your detective hat on! Most likely she is already leaving hints for you, so keep an eye out for magazines left open to a certain page, a change of screen saver, browse her Instagram or Pinterest or enlist the help of either her Mum, sister or girlfriend – they will most likely prove to be your greatest resource.
  2. Decide on a budget and stick to it!
    It is very easy to give into temptation when presented with a dazzling array of diamonds. A budget will help remove any temptation.
  3. Allow plenty of time!
    An engagement ring deserves time and consideration to make sure you have made the right choice, especially when choosing a diamond or gemstone. Finding the perfect stone can take time. Also, keep in mind that most jewellers allow 4-6 weeks for custom-made rings.
  4. Consider the style.
    Before stepping into a jewellery store with an abundance of sparkling rings it is a great idea to firstly consider the style you are after. Browse the Internet and magazines to see what you like; a classic solitaire, a halo engagement ring, three stone rings, vintage or modern?
  5. Consider your gem options… Diamonds or Gemstones?
    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but on the other hand there are some of us who love a splash of colour. With a rainbow of colours available, make a statement with a beautiful bright centre stone or add a hint of colour with a coloured diamond or gemstone halo or side-stones.
  6. The 4C’s
  7. Cut, Colour, Clarity & Carat, is the grading system used to determine a diamonds quality. Purchasing a diamond should be an exciting experience! To get the most out of your appointment with your jeweller, it is a good idea to do some reading and familiarise yourself with the 4C’s. During your appointment your jeweller should show you a selection of diamonds and explain the differences whilst closely viewing the diamond through a 10x-magnifying loop.
  8. Metal choice.
    First you need to decide on the colour; white, yellow or rose. If you are like most, and love white metals, then you have two options either platinum or white gold. Platinum is the more expensive of the two and considered superior because of its density, durability and purity. 18-carat white gold requires rhodium plating to keep its bright white colour but it is also a wonderful option that will stand the test of time. Some designs with lots of fine settings are more suited to platinum but if not and budget is a factor than opt for 18ct white gold.
  9. Consider your wedding ring style.
    Some girls love the look of rings that contrast in style in which case the fit to your engagement ring may not be a priority. But for most ladies a perfectly matching engagement and wedding ring set is what they have their heart set on. Ask your jeweller to design your ring so that it will allow either a flush or fitted wedding ring.
  10. Ask your jeweller about their after sales service.
    Like any significant purchase, engagement rings require regular check-ups to keep your ring looking beautiful for its lifetime. Check to see if the jeweller offers a free annual polish and plating service.
  11. Resizing Policy. It is always best to guess the size as close as possible; your jeweller can offer tips on how to secretly guess the ring. But it is more often than not that an engagement ring will need to be resized, especially if you propose to your fiancé with a surprise engagement ring. At Larsen Jewellery we offer a complimentary resize with the purchase of any of our engagement rings.

Most importantly, purchasing an engagement ring is a once in a lifetime experience and should be a wonderful and enjoyable process! Take the time that you need and never hesitate to ask any questions!



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