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Allergies? No problems!

Whether it’s the canapés, main or dessert, it is important to alert caterers and cake makers to any guests with allergies. These days there are many delicious alternatives to the traditional cake, and these can be served to everyone or simply to those with an allergy. Bringing any issues up early in discussions will ensure that everyone enjoys the day.

The most common allergy we come across is that associated with gluten. Such is the popularity of gluten-free now that most cake makers are offering a variety of gluten-free flavours. If you or any of your guests are gluten intolerant or coeliac it is important to advise your cake maker that the cake and the icing needs to be gluten-free. Some gluten-free icing options include the rich creamy chocolate ganaches and meringue buttercreams including the pure white buttercream made with copha. The icing sugar mixture used in standard buttercream sometimes contains wheat flour so this needs to be avoided and pure icing sugar used instead. The traditional and popular fondant icing also contains gluten.

Another option to cater for your gluten-free guests is to have some gluten-free cupcakes made up separately from the main cake to serve at the same time. If any of your guests have any anaphylaxis to egg or nuts then it is important to clarify this with your cake maker. Egg-free cakes are completely possible and taste just as good as regular cakes!


Size Matters

The size of cake that you will need depends on how many guests you have coming to your wedding. The standard portion sizes are coffee (approx 2.5 x 2.5 x 10cm) or dessert (approx 5 x 2.5 x 10cm). However, if you’re having a super rich mud cake for example, you may feel its fine to have smaller servings than if your choice is an airy vanilla sponge.


What’s the Budget?

As couples are becoming increasingly conscious of ‘the spend’ when planning their weddings, especially when there’s a sizeable guest list, it’s comforting to know you can still have a gorgeous cake without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips on having maximum sweet oomph with minimum spend:

  • Buy a simple iced cake. Cake makers are usually happy to provide well priced, ready iced cakes that you can decorate simply and effectively. Buy two or three different sized tall cylinder cakes with plain white icing or buttercream and use hired footed cake stands to present them. Each cake can be a different flavour. And they can be decorated with vintage bunting, wooden dolls, large wooden letters or fresh/sugar flowers. Be aware that if you provide your own favourite cake stand it must be sturdy enough to hold a heavy cake!
  • Decorate with fresh flowers. When ordering your flowers, order a few large blooms to grace your cake. Buying cake flowers as part of your florist order will be cheaper than your cake maker supplying sugar flowers or elaborate piping work.
  • Fake It!  While a cake to serve 35 guests will be big enough to feed your guests, it may not be the jaw-dropper you’d like your guests to wow over. It makes perfectly good sense to have one or two fake iced cake layers to increase the size of your wedding cake without significantly increasing the cost.
  • Cake for dessert.  If your budget won’t run to a dessert and a cake and you’re having a sit down meal, just serve the cake as your dessert. It doesn’t have to be a traditional cake; anything sweet that you like – lamingtons, brownies, macarons or pannacotta – can be displayed on stands or platters at the reception. Why not consider giving your guests mini ice-cream cones with several lush flavours on offer?
  • Cakeage.  This can make it or break it with some venues. It can seriously pile up costs so make sure you know what your caterer or venue charges to do this as sometimes it can equal the cost of the actual cake per guest.


The Wrap

The more informed you are, the better the decisions you will make. Brides who have a clear idea of what they like, what pushes up or brings down costs and how the cake will fit in with the whole day usually finish up with an end product they will remember for years to come.  It pays to Google up a few images and provide your cake maker with as much information as possible. Doing research online for images that appeal and emailing cake makers for quotes is worthwhile and helps fastrack the final creation.


“As couples are becoming increasingly conscious of the spend when planning their weddings, especially when there’s a sizeable guest list, it’s comforting to know you can still have a gorgeous cake without breaking the bank.”


“It pays to Google up a few images and provide your cake maker with as much information as possible.”


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