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Dreaming up your ideal wedding cake? Here’s your “go to” guide for all things sweet. By Charlotte Wild

The world of cakes is a beautiful and and sophisticated one, it’s artisans skilled at creating something visually fabulous and tasty too. Every bride must enter this world in organising her reception so knowing your fondant from your marzipan, and the difference between coffee and dessert sizes can help you to fine tune your dream cake or dessert table. With a clear vision and a handle on the lingo organising the details with your cake maker will ensure the perfect cake on the day.

Cake Talk

Ganache – Popular cake covering made from dark, white or milk chocolate and cream. It’s used as both a filling and a coating. It’s rich and fudgy and also gluten-free!

Buttercream – A creamy, smooth icing made from butter and icing sugar. In Swiss meringue buttercream, egg whites, sugar and butter are used which results in a silkier texture than straight buttercream.

Mousseline – Another name for Italian meringue buttercream; a lush, buttery smooth cake filling that can be flavoured.

Macarons – These chewy and crisp delicate almond meringue biscuits are generally sandwiched together with flavoured ganache, jam or buttercream. They make a great addition to dessert tables and can be attached to tall cones to make a macaron tower.

Tier – One level of a layered cake. Typical wedding cakes are one, two, three or more tiers.

Fondant – The smooth finish icing that can be coloured easily. This pliable dough is made from sugar, glucose and vegetable fats. Cakes iced with fondant sweat when placed in a refrigerator and must be kept cool and dry.

Marzipan – Made with ground almonds, sugar and egg whites; this sweet pliable almond paste is not as popular as it once was and is mainly used on Christmas cakes and decorations.

Double Height – Standard tier height is 4”. A double height cake is an extended height i.e. taller than 4”

Fondant Fancies – Squares of cake iced and decorated with coloured fondant, often displayed on a square cake board. They look similar to square, flat cupcakes and can have wording piped on.

Cake Pops – Delicious bite-sized globes of cake on a stick are dipped in milk, dark or coloured chocolate and then decorated. Perfect for lolly bars or dessert tables.

Bomboniere – Also known as wedding favours, these are small gifts given by hosts to their guests. Traditionally consisting of a few sugared almonds in an organza bag, they now encompass any kind of sweet or symbolic item.They could be small rustic jars of homemade jams, cookies, lollies on ribboned sticks, miniature potted succulents or gourmet chocolates or fudge in tiny boxes. They are whatever fun or creative thing your heart desires to show gratitude and provide a memory to the people there on your special day.

Chocolate Boxes – Cute individual chocolate boxes or towers containing your cake flavour choice encased in chocolate ganache and shards of dark or white chocolate. Topped with chocolate curls or seasonal berries. The boxes are arranged on tiered stands for a dramatic and deliciously different look.


Savour the Flavour

Hummingbird – A moist mixture of banana & pineapple, lightly spiced with cinnamon. Similar in texture to carrot cake.

Red Velvet – A smooth soft deep red cake made using buttermilk, cocoa and red food colour. Partners well with white chocolate ganache or cream cheese icing.

Coconut – Becoming more popular a rich coconut cake is perfect for summer weddings. Generally buttery and containing real coconut and coconut milk, it pairs well with passionfruit and mango.

Vanilla Chai – This flavour started off in cupcake form and is now gaining popularity as a big cake flavour. It pairs particularly well with cream cheese icing mimicking the chai lattes so beloved these days.

Cheese – Yes, a wedding cake made entirely of cheese! There are alternatives to “Sweet Tooth” and one of them is cheese served with fresh fruit and biscuits; varied size wheels of your favourite cheese stacked into a wedding cake shape and laden with dark grapes, figs and berries.


To be continued… View Part 2 here >


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