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There are people in this world who can alter your mood immediately. They can excite and inspire you simply by talking about what they love to do. They can energise and embolden you to do more in your own life, to think more creatively, to think outside the square and really explore the opportunities around you. Henry Roth is one of those people and when it comes to weddings, personality and gorgeous gowns you really can’t go past him.

Henry Roth of Henry Roth Australia (www.henryroth.com.au) is a fashion designer, lawyer, radio and television personality. He is passionate about everything he does carrying an energy and sense of positivity with him that is completely infectious. “Whether the camera’s on me or not, I’m always entertaining,” laughs Roth as we talk on the phone and I don’t doubt it. His commitment to all that he does isn’t in the least bit shallow but runs deep and is coloured with joy and showmanship.

Something that’s reflected in his attitude toward his role as designer: for him it’s not simply about making a beautiful gown. Instead, he sees his relationship to the women who buy his designs as being a personal and supportive one. He is like your most trusted friend with only your best interests at heart. It’s a trait that is endearing and rare but it is a crucial part of what makes Henry Roth Australia a success.

While there are many well known design houses in Australia, Henry Roth is one of the longest running. His parents, and now he and his sister have been dressing brides around the country for nearly sixty years and in the United States since the late 1990’s.  It’s a design house that is steeped in tradition and hard work, in love and loyalty and a desire to dress women beautifully.

Created by his parents Joseph & Aneta Weinreich in an apartment in Artarmon, NSW, Henry joined the company in 1991 bringing his broad experience in law and marketing with him. He speaks of the humble beginnings of his parents design house with pride and respect for all they had to go through to not only come to Australia but to become so successful. It is a history he clearly loves to talk about and that informs who he is today.

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While his mother, Aneta, remains head designer in their Sydney studio, Henry and his sister Michelle, have helped to broaden the company’s base and make a successful shift into the American market. Remarkably, they have become ‘international’ while still keeping their parents original philosophy alive. It’s a gift Henry has – a generous nod to the past with a firm eye on the future.

While Henry’s past is littered with amazing experiences both here and overseas, he doesn’t consider his move from working on events such as Live Aid in London to his families business in Sydney as a complete change of career. “My career is a hybrid,” says Roth, “solar-powered, next-generation, multi-tiered and continuous on every level. In other words I haven’t started or stopped anything. I was born into a bridal designing family and from the age of six I have been draping fabrics over my mothers’ mannequins in Surry Hills.”


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