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Wedding Reception Tips – Preparing a Wedding Table Just For Children

Place settings may be one of the most challenging of details at the wedding reception.  Based upon table size, guests, and unique family situations, deciding who sits where can be as challenging as a difficult puzzle. If you have decided to have a children’s table, here are a few hints and tips to help a table full of child wedding guests stay quiet and content during your reception:

1.  Know your guest list for the children’s wedding table. Generally, the children’s wedding table will be for children ages 3 – 12.   Very young children (age 2 – 3) need some help while eating and may be better suited to stay with mom or dad, or at least have mom and dad on a table very close to them.  Also, it is good to be aware that some grade-school children are painfully shy and would rather stay with mom and dad than sit at a table with children they have never met before.  If you have a flower girl or ring bearer, they would most likely enjoy sitting at the kid’s wedding table or with their parents – not with the rest of your adult wedding party!

2.  A children’s menu is a must! Kids prefer common foods (like pizza) to gourmet food (like stuffed mushrooms), so have familiar foods for them to eat and everybody will be happier. (Your flower girls and ring bearers will be thrilled to fill their tummies with familiar foods!)  If the meal is a buffet, consider choosing a few child-friendly items to add, like pecan-crusted chicken strips. They might have fancier name, but kids will think of them as chicken nuggets.   Also, a fantastic bonus for you: child-friendly food generally costs much less than your caterer’s most popular dishes!

 3.  Cups with lids can keep everybody dry!  Resist the temptation to choose crystal or glass drinking glasses for the children’s table.  Request cups with lids for the children’s table even if they dress down your elegant table.  Keep in mind that a wet table is worse than clear plastic drinking cups with lids and straws.

4.  A small snack can be a lifesaver.  Adults can handle hunger better than children, and many times wedding food is served to a famished crowd.  To prevent cranky, fussy children, consider purchasing individual bags of crackers or lightly sweetened cookies to help children wait until the buffet line is open, or the meal can be served.  You can even add a pretty ribbon to the package to dress it up a bit!  The parents will think you are a genius and will be most appreciative that you have taken special notice of their child. This tip is especially important for your little flower girls or ring bearers – they have done their job, so a nice snack will give them the energy to keep up the smiles and enjoy the wedding reception.

5.  Have activities for children to do while sitting and waiting.  To adults, it is not sitting and waiting, but to kids it can feel like an eternity until they can eat and dance on the dance floor.  Children need something to do while adults are enjoying appetizers and conversation. Crayons and paper are a good start, but that will not hold the attention of all children for very long.  Look for age-appropriate, small, individual games and sticker sets – nothing messy, loud, or moving.  We have some darling wedding table activity sets great for boys and girls.  Our wedding table activity sets come with loads of fun activities for kids to do and have enough to keep 6 children busy!  Click here to see our wedding activity set for younger children ages 3 – 7.  Click here to see our set for older children ages 8 – 12.  Each wedding table activity set has quiet activities and is sure to be a hit with kids and their parents!

6. Give every child their own activities.  Sharing is great in theory, but can lead to tears and disappointment – the last thing you want at your wedding reception.  If you choose activities such as crayons, puzzles, and snacks for the Children’s Wedding Table, have a set for each child (labeled with their name), at their place.  Your young guests will feel welcome and be thrilled with your thoughtful gift!  Also, don’t forget about the ring bearers and flower girls.  They have had a long weekend and really need to feel special.  Click here to see our specially designed deluxe wedding favors for flower girls and ring bearers.

To be continued… View Part 3 here >


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